We've turned our love of computers into a business. Because the IT market grows so rapidly and is always evolving, we constantly strive to improve and stay up to date with the latest trends and information.


With the experience and expertise RayTheComputerGuy.com Inc. team has to offer, you can be assured that you'll always find the latest technology and reliable advice.

Ray Nejad

Owner/ CEO, Marketing President, Consultant, and Networking

Direct: (651) 323-8585

Email: info@raythecomputerguy.com


Ray is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Minnesota with Information Technology experience since 1980 working for the MN Government Agencies who is now serving statewide Older Adults full time. Ray provides PC and Mac related services so you can enjoy your own computer.


I am committed to giving you the best service at affordable prices. Take advantage of my many years of Information Technology experience and skills to make sure your computer needs are met honestly, accurately, and timely.


Ray Nejad, Owner / CEO

RayTheComputerGuy.com, Inc.





Support Team:


Faye M., Accounting, Bookkeeping (2006 - present)


Naveed Nejad, Business Assistant/ Marketing, Network Technician (2010 - present)


Vaheed Nejad, Business Finance (2010 - present)


Norm A., Senior Support volunteer (2013 - present)


Norm S., Senior Support volunteer (2014 - present)


Ray R., Senior Support Volunteer (2017 - present)


Matt M., Technical & Education support, Tech Support, Consulting (2010 - present)


Team Max, Software Upgrade & Hardware Repair (2016 - present)


Alex K., Advance Tech support (2008 - Flex)


Jeff Johnson, IT Help Desk, Customer Support Technician, Customer  Relations (2017 - present)