Other Services

Computer Solution for Seniors: 

We specialize in providing Personal Computer Solution services to our senior citizens to include the following:

  • Computer Consulting & Solutions
  • Computer Purchase Analysis best fit your need
  • Customized your computer Setup
  • Customized Security Setup & Install
  • Operating System Updates
  • Computer System Optimization
  • Personal Computer Trainings
  • Internet Access and Browsing Setup
  • Email Exchange Account Creation
  • Database File Management and Backups
  • Game Program Installation


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Business Automation

We can help your small or medium sized business with Design, Purchase, Setup, and Install Computer Networking. We can assist you chose from a range of reliable Information Technology tools available in today’s market that best suits your specific needs.

Give us a call for free consulting and cost estimate @ 651.323.8585

Our service team would also be happy to help you in the following areas: 

  • Diagnosis of software and hardware problems
  • Installation of software and operating systems
  • Removal of stubborn viruses
  • File Management and Data backup
  • PC System Optimization.
  • Training:
  • Online Account:
    • Create and teach you manage Your Own Email Account.
    • Create and teach you manage Your Own Online Banking.
    • Create and teach you manage Your Own Web Site.
  • SAP Enterprise:
    • Crystal Reports
    • BOEXI Administration
  • Microsoft Office:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Sharepoint
    • Outlook
    • Access
  • Database Administration:
    • Filing System Organization.
    • Backup, Store, and Recovery.
    • Database Administration and Security.
    • Install Your Own Database Server and teach you to Administer it.


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